Johnson County Band Subject of Civil Suit

A Johnson County band is currently in the midst of a civil lawsuit. James E. Vanhoose, of Nippa, filed complaint against Steven Patrick Caudill, also of Nippa, over the volume of music being played by Caudill and his band Technicolor Nightmare. Documents assert that Caudill has been playing his music at excessive volumes during various hours since October 2016, resulting in unreasonable and substantial annoyance to Vanhoose and his wife. Becki Wells, who resides at the same residence as Caudill, says they have been respectful of the community. Caudill and Wells have also received a letter from the office of Johnson County Attorney Michael Endicott, stating that the County may also join in the lawsuit or file a separate document if complaints persist. A court date is currently set for July 27, 2017.

Caudill finds the suit to be unfair as music is what the area is known for. A list of witnesses for plaintiff includes realtor Jim Gambill, who will be testifying on the affect the noise has had on marketability for Vanhoose’s home, which has been up for sale since May 1. A court date is currently set for July 27.

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