Scam Alert on Sham Veterans Charity

The Office of the Attorney General has received multiple reports from Kentuckians, including one from Kentucky State Police, saying a caller claiming to be with the “Coalition for Veterans of America” is seeking donations to help cover Veterans Affairs medical bills and aid homeless veterans. Beshear’s Office of Senior Protection verified the organization is a sham, and is working with the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs to increase awareness among veterans and their families throughout July, which is Military Consumer Protection Month. Donors who are not familiar with a charitable organization can verify official organizations on Beshear said donors should follow these additional tips to avoid a sham charity scam: do not feel pressure to give money or financial information over the phone; be aware of sound-alike charities; be cautious of social media requests for donations; ask solicitors what percentage of your donation will be given to relief efforts; and avoid wire transfers or gift cards as a donation method.

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