Eclipse Viewers Should Take Precautions for Event

On Monday, August 21, a rare total eclipse of the sun will take place as the moon passes between the earth and sun. For most place, it will be a partial eclipse but for a swatch of western Kentucky, the eclipse will be total. The Kentucky Optometric Association is urging people viewing the eclipse to take caution to prevent eye damage of even blindness. Those viewing the eclipse should not look directly at the sun, Kentucky Optometric Association President Randy Steele says looking at the sun at any time in dangerous. He adds that the uniqueness of the event will cause people to bypass their normal caution. Steele says to view the eclipse through International Standards Organization-approved solar viewers or Eclipse Glasses bearing the ISO logo and labeled 12312-2. Reports of counterfeit labels on unsafe devices have surfaced. To be safe, purchase them from a list of reputable vendors found online at https//

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