Members of Nicholasville Family Sentenced for Conspiracy to Defraud Business

Three Members of a Nicholasville family have been sentenced for conspiracy to defraud a business. Joyce Minton, 65, Aaron Brooke Warren, 43, and James Minton, 70, were sentenced to 97 months, 46 months, and 18 months, respectively, for conspiring to defraud their longtime employer, Clark Machine Tool and Die, of Nicholasville. The criminal conspiracy took place between February 200 and May 2016, stealing overĀ  $1.5 million. They used company checks and credit cards to purchase personal items, cashing and keeping petty cash checks, issuing themselves extra paychecks, and inflating their paychecks. In addition to their prison sentence, they were also ordered to forfeit the proceeds of their crimes and pay restitution to the victims.

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