Scam Alert Issued for Fraudulent Classified Ads

The Attorney General’s Office has issued a scam alert to warn Kentuckians about fraudulent advertisements placed in the classified section of local Kentucky newspapers and online. Attorney General Andy Beshear said Kentuckians in several counties have reported replying to classified ads for a deeply discounted John Deere tractor, Toyota, or Chevrolet pickup truck that turned out to be a scam. The ads appear normal with a price and phone number, but after attempting contact, they do not speak to anyone and instead received text messages or emails from alleged Air Force Sergeant “Molly Carter” stationed at Cavalier AFB in North Dakota. “Carter” claims she is selling the item at the discount as it belonged to her late husband and can’t afford to keep it while on overseas deployment. The Cavalier Air Force Base has received several complaints from across the country and confirmed they do not have a “Sergeant Molly Carter.”

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