Johnson County Burglar Held at Gun Point Until Police Arrive

Credit: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

The morning of Saturday, November 11, Johnson County Deputy Jesse Mullins responded to a call of a homeowner who had a male subject at point after trying to break into his residence on Asa Creek Rd. Deputy Mullins arrived on scene to find the homeowner holding a male subject, identified as Gerardo Canuto, of Mexico, at gun point. Security camera footage showed Canuto opening a window of the residence, tossing a backpack inside, then crawling into the window around 5am. The owner woke up and chased the subject into a barn where he couldn’t be found. He was discovered exiting the barn around 8:30am, where he was held at gunpoint until deputies arrived. Inside the backpack was rope, a black BB gun, gloves, flashlight and false identifying documents. Canuto was arrested and police contacted Immigration Control Enforcement.

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