Interactive Report Highlights College Going Statisics

Photo: Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics

On Wednesday, November 22, 2017, the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics released an interactive report which included feedback on recent graduates from Kentucky’s public high schools and their transition to college, success in the first year of college, college completion, and workforce and education attainment. The report gives comparable dates for all Kentucky public high school graduates from 2009 through 2015 from each district, county and local workforce area. The statewide college going data showed that for the Class of 2015, over 90 percent started out as full-time students, 54 percent pursuing  a bachelor’s degree, with 40 percent seeking an associate’s degree. Floyd County School District has a college going rate in 2015 of 60.2%, with Prestonsburg High School having the highest rate with 67.3%. Jackson Independent in Breathitt County was the only school in the state with a college going rate at or above 90%.

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