Two Arrested for Drugs in Johnson County

Two drug related arrests were made in Johnson County the morning of November 27, 2017. Around 5am Monday, Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputies were patrolling Little Mine Fork in Hargis when they observed a vehicle parked on an old logging road. The deputies pulled up next to the vehicle and started talking with the driver, Everett Haney. He was observed to have slurred speech. A black handle was observed sticking out from under Haney’s leg, which was later identified as a lighter torch. When the Haney was removed from the vehicle, baggies containing a crystal substance dropped on the ground. The passenger, Natasha Joseph, was also removed from the vehicle. Further investigation recovered multiple baggies with a white crystal substance, as well as a large amount of cash. Joseph was also found in possession of two loose pills, suboxone, and a small clear bottle containing another baggie. Both were charged with possession and public intoxication.

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