Governor Bevin Signs Pension Bill

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at the teacher rally at the Mountain Arts Center, House Democratic Leader Rocky Adkins said he had received word that Governor Matt Bevin had signed SB 151, the sewage bill which included the pension plan for state employees. In response to the news that the bill had been signed, Attorney General Andy Beshear said that when courts open on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, action would be taken. House Democratic Leader Adkins released a statement, saying he and other Democratic House members are deeply troubled by the signing of the Senate Bill 151. He said this piece of legislation negatively impacts the retirement systems for teachers and public employees and is certain to be thrown out in court. Adkins added the law will cost those taxpayers billions of dollars more over the next 30 years by resetting the timeframe to pay off the state retirement systems’ liabilities. We will continue to follow this story.

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