Legislators and Teachers Discuss Pension and Budget During Rally at Mountain Arts Center

Photo: WDOC

Several eastern Kentucky legislators spoke at the teacher rally at the Mountain Arts Center on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 to discuss current bills that have been proposed in the general assembly and their effect on teachers and other state employees. Of the topics brought up included proposed funding for charter schools and who will profit from them. Senator Johnny Ray turner said he voted no to charter schools due to state funding going to for-profit companies running the schools. With the concern over the vetoed budget bill, concern was also raised among the elected officials about what may happen if the governor has control over the spending. Senator Larry Brown told those in attendance that “no governor should have control of the checkbook without being in check.” While several of the officials agreed that they didn’t want one person controlling the budget, they said they could not in good conscience vote to override the veto of a budget they voted no to initially.

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