Johnson County Deputies Make Drug, DUI Arrest at Checkpoint

Photo: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputies conducted an advertised traffic safety checkpoint at KY 172 around 3pm Wednesday, April 18, 2018. While conducting the checkpoint, a blue Chevrolet Silverado, driven by Odell Dixon, approached. Upon contact, Deputy Jesse Mullins observed Dixon has slurred speech, blood shot eyes and constricted pupils. When asked for a license, the driver advised he did not have one as it was suspended for DUI. A field sobriety test determined Dixon to be under the influence and he was arrested. A search of the vehicle found an orange pill container with a large assortment of pills inside. A white clumpy substance was sent to KSP labs for testing and identification. Dixon was charged with DUI, no license, possession of controlled substance and other drug and traffic related charges.

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