Floyd Central Students Learning Through Virtual Experiences

Photos: Floyd County Schools

Floyd Central High School students are using virtual tools to travel and gain new experiences. In late March, through an immersive virtual learning tool, students in Michelle Martin-Sullivan’s Advanced Placement Spanish class visited the Cleveland Art Museum in Ohio to practice conversing in Spanish. Diane Cizek, Program Specialist in the Department of Education and Academic Affairs, prompted students in small groups to describe various pieces of artwork. The entire exchange took place in very high level academic Spanish. Martin-Sullivan said that the students do not get opportunities like this on a regular basis and was excited to participate in the program. Another virtual learning opportunity for Floyd Central students took place in early April in Christina Crase’s Algebra II class and the Challenger Learning Center in Hazard. Students used their math skills for practical applications. Crase commented that this was one of the few virtual learning experiences were able to see how high school math content can be applied and beneficial in real life. Funding for the virtual learning equipment was provided through Get Online and Learn through Kentucky Power with assistance from Kentucky Educational Development Corporation.

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