Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission Proposes Regulations for 2019

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission proposed several new regulations at its June quarterly meeting. The commission proposed a reduction in elk hunting permits to encourage herd growth in areas with fewer elk, while providing a higher-quality hunting experience in elk hunting units. In fisheries-related business, the commission recommended a 40-inch minimum size limit on muskellunge on Buckhorn Lake in Leslie and Perry counties. Also recommended were statewide regulations of a 12-inch size limit, six fish daily creel for largemouth bass on Paintsville Lake in Johnson and Morgan counties. Revised limits for anglers who hand-grab channel and blue catfish from Taylorsville Lake, Barren River Lake, Fishtrap Lake and Dewey Lake were recommended. Commissioners propose a five-fish daily creel limit of catfish for anglers using this method and only one of the fish could exceed 25 inches. Legislators must approve all recommendations before they become law.

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