Some Kentucky Voters Receiving Voter Registration Verification Cards

Some Kentucky registered voters may receive an address verification card in the mail. In an effort to ensure accurate records, the State Board of Elections sent address verification postcards to voters who may have moved. Around 600,000 registered voters who may not have voted in the past four years nor had updates or changes to their voter registration were sent the postcards. Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes said voters who receive the card are still eligible to vote and the mailing is an effort to satisfy requests of the federal government. If voters receive the postcard with the correct information, they don’t need to do anything. If any person receives a card with incorrect information, they should mark “Return to Sender” on the card and place it back in the mail. If the State Board of Elections receives undeliverable cards from the mailing, another postcard will be mailed as required by law. If a voter does not respond to a second mailing, a waiting period of two federal elections begins to see if the voter casts a ballot or updates their information during that time.

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