Three Previously Deported Mexican Nationals Plead Guilty to Federal Crimes

Three men, identified as Mexican nationals, have pled guilty to several federal crimes, including illegal re-entry to the United States after a previous deportation. Jose Alejandro Diaz-Tinoco, 35, was arrested by Kentucky State Police on April 4, 2018, when he was in possession of over $13,000 in cash. He admitted to unlawfully re-entering the US after being departed twice. Luis Eduardo Salto-Garcia, 31, admitted to the same charge after being arrested on March 1, 2018 by Lexington Police for unlawful possession of a stolen firearm and domestic violence. Reynaldo Aviles-Hernandez, 44, admitted to illegal re-entry, as well as using a fake US Social Security Card and other documents to gain employment in Fayette County. They are currently awaiting sentencing.

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