Laurel County Business Owner Turns Over Shipment of Prop Money to Sheriff’s Office

Photo: Laurel County Sheriff’s Office

The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call to pickup movie prop money at a business in London on Monday, July 16, 2018. The owner of Pallets R Us on North Main Street, James Jones, said he received a large amount of fake $100 bills used as movie prop money on one of his shipments, and wanted the sheriff’s office to get them. The fake bills were turned over to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office in hopes of preventing them from being put into circulation in the area. Distinguishing features of the fake bills include dash marks on the front and back near the $100 denomination, the wording B2 copy on the front, and the word Speiman in red letters on the back. In addition, the bills are an off color to an actually $100 and no fiber threads interwoven in the paper.

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