Five Florida Residents Sentenced for Committing Credit Card Fraud in Northern Kentucky

Five Florida residents have been sentenced for committing credit card fraud in Northern Kentucky. The suspects, Jose Valdes, Jairo Castro, Yanetsi Sanchez, Amado Salazar, and Dianey Quintero, all residence of Tampa, Florida, were sentenced on Thursday, July 26, 2018 to a range of 37 months to 46 months in federal prison. According to their guilty pleas, the defendants were responsible for mailing a package containing 227 blank credit cards from Tampa to a Florence, Kentucky motel using a local shipping company. Due to suspicious markings on the package, law enforcement began an investigation that ultimately led to a search of the package. Law enforcement tracked the package to the motel, and found the defendants waiting, in three vehicles located nearby. A search of the vehicles resulted in the discovery of laptops and a thumb drive containing approximately 2,000 stolen account numbers, as well as skimmer devices. The defendants were arrested before could unlawfully use the credit cards in the package.

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