Two Indicted for Making Corporate Contributions to U.S. Senate Campaign

The former president of a Kentucky-based corporation and a political consultant were both indicted on Friday, August 31, 2018 for using corporate funds to make contributions to the campaign of a candidate for US Senate and for causing the concealment of these contributions from the Federal Election Commission. A federal grand jury in Lexington returned an indictment charging 71-year-old Gerald Lundergan, of Lexington, and 66-year-old Dale Emmons, of Richmond, with conspiracy, making corporate campaign contributions, causing the submission of false statements, and falsification of documents. The indictment alleges Lundergan used funds of his company S.R. Holding to pay for services provided by consultants and vendors to his family member’s 2014 U.S. Senate campaign. According to the indictment, payments were made from S.R. Holding to Emmons and his company during this period for services to the campaign. The FBI is investigating the case.

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