Secretary Grimes Encouraging Kentucky Voters to Serve as Poll Workers for General Election

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s chief election official, is encouraging voters to serve as poll workers, also known as precinct election officials, in the upcoming November 6 General Election. Approximately 15,000 Kentuckians are needed help administer the election. Poll workers must be 18 and registered voters. An individual may not serve if he or she is a candidate, if their spouse or an immediate relative is a candidate, or if they changed their party affiliation within the last year. Duties include attending mandatory training, setting up the polling station, processing voters, and completing and returning paperwork to the county clerk’s office on election night. Poll workers are paid a minimum of $10 for attending the mandatory training session before Election Day, and a minimum of $60 per Election Day, as well as additional payment for mileage.

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