Beshear, Attorneys General Call for Crackdown on Robocalls

Attorney General Andy Beshear is calling on federal regulators to allow telephone service providers to block more illegal robocalls being made to Kentuckians. Beshear and more than 30 state attorneys general detailed in a letter that scammers have created methods of evading a call blocking order issued by the Federal Communications Commission in 2017. Beshear said the issue is “neighborhood spoofing,” a technique allowing scammers—no matter where they are located—to appear on Kentuckians’ caller ID as being from a phone number that has the same local area code. In 2017, the Federal Trade Commission received 4.5 million illegal robocall complaints. Beshear said his Office of Consumer Protection receive more than a thousand complaints each year with respect to illegal calls, including scam calls, telemarketing complaints, and robocalls.

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