Floyd County Schools Lead Kentucky in Kindergarten Readiness

District results have been announced of the state screener, BRIGANCE Screen III, given to all children upon entering Kindergarten. The average rate in Kentucky is 51% readiness for all students entering Kindergarten, with Floyd County averaging 64.2%. Additionally, 47.8% of students exiting Head Start programs in the state are ready for Kindergarten, while Floyd County Schools have an average of 90.9%, the highest in the state. Floyd County Schools Superintendent Danny Adkins said the district’s Early Childhood Department is second to none, fine tuning their instructional strategies for year to year to improve their classrooms. For children exiting childcare facilities, Floyd County had 88.2% ready and the state average was 70.3%. Children who had been at home prior to Kindergarten were 65.6% in Floyd County as compared to the 36.7% state average.

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