Tickborne Disease Prevention Poster Contest for Kentucky Students

The Department for Public Health is inviting school-age children across the Commonwealth to create and submit original artwork for a chance to win cash prizes in a tickborne disease prevention poster contest sponsored by the Northern Kentucky Independent Health Department. Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade may submit a poster encouraging tick bit prevention during outdoor activities. Posters must include at least one of the following prevention methods: be aware of ticks when in or near wooded and brushy areas; check yourself for ticks; remove ticks as soon as possible; use an EPA-approved repellent. For more information and submission form, go to https://chfs.ky.gov/agencies/dph/dehp/idb/Pages/tick-borne.aspx and click on “2019 Tickborne Disease Prevention Poster Contest Entry Form” or contact Tori Amburgey, Poster Contest Coordinator, at (502) 564-4478, Ext. 4270 or Tori.Amburgey@ky.gov.

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