Pikeville Medical Center Home to Heavily Sought Residency Program

Pikeville Medical Center Residency Program is bringing some of the medical community’s most promising physicians to the region to provide patient care. PMC Family Practice Clinic Director, Willena Moore, said they received thousands of applications from physicians across the county who want to be part of their residency program. She said they review each application and strive to find doctors who are the right fit for the clinic. PMC Family Medicine Program Director, Maleshea Hopkins, DO, said each patient has two providers when they see a resident and patients’ cases are discussed and a treatment plan is derived that is amenable to their needs. Residents in the program are up-to-date on the most recent medical literature and continually enhancing their knowledge through didactic lectures, symposiums, and procedural workshops. Director Moore reminds patients the residents are not students, they are doctors, licensed, and have just graduated from medical school who take the time needed to listen to patients. To find out more about the Pikeville Medical Center Family Practice Clinic Residency Program, visit pikevillehospital.org.

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