Bill Introduced for Legislative Candidates to Follow Same Recount Procedures as Other Candidates

House Democratic Leader Rocky Adkins had filed legislation that would have candidates for the General Assembly follow the same recount procedures as nearly all other candidates in close races. House Bill 495, co-sponsored by House Speaker David Osborne, would require candidates running for General Assembly to have 10 days from the end of an election to file a petition for a recount with the circuit court located in the county where the requesting candidate resides. Additionally, the one making the request is responsible for the recount costs. Leader Adkins said this process has worked well for many years and it makes sense that legislative candidates follow the same rules. Leader Adkins’ and Speaker Osborne’s bills are a response to the close outcome of the 13th House District in Daviess County, where State Representative Jim Glenn won by a single vote, which was upheld in a recanvass.

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