KCTCS Announced GED Plus Program

In collaboration with Kentucky Skills U, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System announced on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 the launch of GED Plus, a new program allowing Kentucky adults to earn a GED and a college credential at the same time. GED Plus is an innovative program that helps students earn a tuition-free certificate through co-enrollment in the Skills U GED program and short-term KCTCS courses, which can be completed in four months or less. KCTCS President Jay Box said they hope the program will change the mindset that college costs too much and takes too long. Through financial assistance from Kentucky’s Work Ready Scholarship, GED Plus students can earn a certificate in one of the following high-demand fields at no cost: healthcare; advanced manufacturing; transportation/logistics; business services/IT; or construction/trades. Additionally, KCTCS will provide a $400 scholarship to the first 1,000 enrollees to cover expenses that are not included in the Work Ready program. GED Plus is open to Kentuckians who have not earned a high school diploma or GED. For more information, visit GEDPlusky.org.

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